The Full Montenegro: Homes, From Bargain To Bling, For All Budgets

The tiny, ruggedly beautiful Balkan state has something for everyone.Alexandra Goss When you request €100 from a cash machine in Porto Montenegro, it spits out a crisp €100 note, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Balkan millionaires’ playground. In this superyacht marina, Montenegro’s answer to Monaco, the shops are spendy — Alexander McQueen, Chopard, Valentino —...

Seven Best (Almost) Free Locations For Watching Sunset

Montenegrin coastline is more than 290 km long, out of which 73 km is the length of the beaches. Except for a few that are hidden and overshadowed by the hills, all the other beaches offer unforgettable experience of the sunset. The view of the horizon, the moment it seems like the sun is touching the sky and the sea at the same time, gives the incredible feeling of peace and delightfulness. Even...

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