Seven best (almost) free locations for watching sunset

Seven best (almost) free locations for watching sunset

Montenegrin coastline is more than 290 km long, out of which 73 km is the length of the beaches. Except for a few that are hidden and overshadowed by the hills, all the other beaches offer unforgettable experience of the sunset. The view of the horizon, the moment it seems like the sun is touching the sky and the sea at the same time, gives the incredible feeling of peace and delightfulness.

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Galician language or did Lorca dedicate his verses to more than one city

Galician language or did Lorca dedicate his verses to more than one city

Various roots lead to Boka. By boat – either by cruiser, yacht or small boat: wriggling through narrow passages and watching how the sunlight plays on the green hills and rocky mountains as a painter who skillfully creates the eternity on canvas. By road – either by bus, car or bike: riding the winding streets, which almost merge with the water, feeling the smell of the sea, seaweed and shellfish while your eyes are blinded by the beauty of the centuries old houses.

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6 Reasons Montenegro May Be This Year’s Most Tempting Travel Destination

With its rugged mountain views and glistening seaside ports, it’s surprising that the charm and allure of Montenegro has been reserved for locals or those visiting from other Balkan states. Thanks to new cruise ship routes, high-end hotel openings, and a flood of interest from off-the-beaten-path travel enthusiasts, Montenegro is quickly becoming the place to go on the Adriatic.


Pathfinder pics: discovering Montenegro’s hidden gems

Lonely Planet Pathfinder Daniel Clarke recently visited Montenegro. Here he shares some of the highlights from his trip.Montenegro is one of Europe‘s lesser-known gems – but the beautiful beaches, rugged coastline and popular cruise port of Kotor have started to gain some well-deserved attention lately. I wanted to discover what other magic was hiding here, and hiring a car was the perfect way to head into the mountains for some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable.

Montenegro’s liquid treasures

Could Montenegro be an alternative to Champagne and Bordeaux? Jade Worsley visits Europe’s hidden winelands.

Beautiful Montenegro: The Best of the Balkans

To say Montenegro is the new Croatia and Kotor is the new Dubrovnik is a flippant dismissal of Montenegro’s unique beauty. Although, this is how one of Europe’s smallest countries is being described.