The road from Podgorica to Petrovac that goes over the mountain was the main and the closest connection of the capital city and the southern part of Montenegrin seaside until a 12 years ago. Now the road is bypassed with a tunnel ‘Sozina’, which truly shortens and simplifies the way. Before the tunnel (which was opened in 2005), the slow road drive due to trucks and trailers to the top of Petrovac would be followed by even slower descent towards Petrovac. The only mitigating factor for the effort invested in climbing is the reward: the view to the sea that extends for 180 degrees. Also, if you come during the bright day the moment the sun is about to go down, and in addition to all that, you can stop on several places beside the road without rushing… hmm… that really is a blessing. Those few moments, when the sun allows to be watched directly while leaving the night to us, make you forget all previous driving troubles. (map)