The Full Montenegro: Homes, From Bargain To Bling, For All Budgets

The tiny, ruggedly beautiful Balkan state has something for everyone.

Alexandra Goss

When you request €100 from a cash machine in Porto Montenegro, it spits out a crisp €100 note, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Balkan millionaires’ playground. In this superyacht marina, Montenegro’s answer to Monaco, the shops are spendy — Alexander McQueen, Chopard, Valentino — the cafes serve €5 organic ice creams to a soundtrack of trendy lounge music and the pavements are so clean, you could almost eat your gourmet dinner off them. Yet step outside this bling bubble, created in a former naval shipyard by a Canadian billionaire, and the roads are unfinished or peppered with potholes, few locals outside the main tourist areas speak English, and you can buy lunch with local wine for a tenner.


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